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Bananajane is a playground for Jane Garnett's teachings on authenticity, liberation and joy, as well as a hub for cutting edge healers.


Jane Garnett, MFT, is a licensed psychotherapist, an attachment focused EMDR practitioner, a published author, a freedom lover and a deep seeker. She grew up in London,  and earned a BA, MA from Oxford University.  After graduating and working as a BBC researcher, Jane came to the United States to work in the film industry, where she worked as an executive with Leonardo DiCaprio.  Jane then partnered with producer Michael London, executive producing the major feature film “The Illusionist,” starring Edward Norton and Paul Giametti.  

Fascinated by the narrative, pathos and catharsis of film—and now mother to two small girls—Jane transitioned further into the psychological, earning her Masters in Clinical Psychology and launching a psychotherapy practice. Her relentless investigations into the psyche drove her to trainings in Attachment-focused EMDR, Somatic experiencing, Mindfulness teacher training and EFT.  Further to the trainings, a dark night of the soul catapulted Jane into a wild ride with plant medicine, erotic anthropology and ego death; a world of personal growth destined to become Jane’s life’s work.  

Jane has just completed her first book “This Time with Feeling,” a self-love bodice ripper about a woman flushing her perfect life down the toilet in search of her authenticity - aka a little girl called Bananajane. 

As a writer, Jane’s articles on psychedelics and creativity have been published in Elemental and Forge.  She has just completed her second season of her podcast “Sex, Psychics and Psychedelics- exploring inner liberation with Banana Jane.” And is about to film an original series “Banana Jane’s backyard medicine show”- a healing variety show set in her Ojai sanctuary. 


In her spare time, Jane lingers in her bubble bath, wondering why people come up with notions like “spare time.” In Banana Jane’s universe, all time is created equal. Each minute is like each soul: rich, sacred, and uniquely deserving of celebration. 

bananaJane_logo and wordmark_cosmic_2022_ffffff_FINAL.png

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